Fair Share Policy

Quick Overview:


  • Based on a Pro Rata system

  • Runs from 1st of March to 31st of September

  • Monthly overview of bookings

  • Online booking management

  • Worry free solution

Fair Share Policy

Lodge Owners looking to get revenue from their investment can enrol in our Fair Share Policy programme that lets them

enjoy the benefits of a fully managed rental system without worrying about anything.


Our Fair Share Policy works on a Pro Rata basis where all the nights that are booked for each month are divided

equally amongst available properties.


For example:


From the 1st of June unil the 30th of June a total of 225 nights are booked.

A total of 18 properties are available for this period.

Each property then is entitled to 1/18th share of these nights.

Which results in 12.5 nights per property. Nights are always rounded down.

Each property then gets 12 nights.


The revenue total is calculated through a fee based system that works as follows:


A booking of 7 nights in June

Rate is £ 350 ( After 3rd party Agency deductions)

Commission of 25% is deducted

Payable £ 262.50


The commission that is charged is used for the following costs: Cleaning, Commission, Guest Management and Laundry.

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Because our calendar changes daily we don't feature a live booking system on our website.

If you are interested in checking availability and booking one of our lodges then please

send us a message from this website with your preferred dates and number of guests and we will

get back to you as soon as possible.


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we operate on a week-on/week-off schedule.

This means we leave 7 days between guests in all our lodges.

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